Astral Activation: Ancestral Activism

By HMD The Bridge Project (other events)

3 Dates Through Aug 16, 2021

For Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Black, and Indigenous People and People of Color, led by the Iridescent Collective


Astral Activation: Ancestral Activism - A two-part series for Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Black and Indigenous People and People of Color, led by the Iridescent Collective.

Session #1: Sunday MAY 16, 1PM - 4PM (PST)  

Session #2: Sunday AUGUST 15, 1PM - 4PM (PST)

TICKETS: $0 - $50 sliding scale, per session

This event will feature ASL interpretation. Please contact [email protected] with any additional access needs.



Accessing spirit through your body and lineage serves as a divine travel agent of change. This two part series is designed for us - to cultivate intuitive and ancestral knowledge in community, in a space that centers and affirms our collective experiences - grief and exhaustion, pleasure and joy. Part one of our time together will focus on activating energy in the body across timelines, calling in our ancestors, guides, and supporters to create an embodied life. Part two will focus on healing and releasing that which keeps us blocked from receiving the blessings trickling down through our lineages. 

Explore intuitive tools for self-protection and cleansing, through intentional movement, restorative practice, breathwork, and energy healing to guide and support our nervous systems. Personal reflections and community care practices facilitate our individual and collective wellbeing on the journey to sow the seeds of our sovereignty. 

This workshop is designed for all Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Black, and Indigenous People and People of Color who seek greater alignment within themselves and community. 



Europa (insta @boi.voi.d) is a mixed-race black, queer, non-binary trans person, currently living in San Francisco (Ramayatush Ohlone, Yelamu Territory), originally from Albany, NY. Since 2012, they have been a teacher of the healing practice of yoga and meditation – which, to Europa, is not just a physical practice but an opportunity to breathe oneself into existence, a journey to retrieve the soul. As a Cultural Competency Consultant, they work closely with students, teachers and studio management to dismantle oppression collectively within the organization. Europa is also a spoken word poet, cellist, movement and installation artist. Europa insists on transforming the impact of systemic and personal trauma in order to generate long lasting change through alternative education, experimental performance and collective care.

Raised in Maplewood, New Jersey, Victoria has always had a connection to spirituality, movement, and social justice. After completing training with Amazing Yoga in Costa Rica, at the Kripalu Yoga Center, and with Zuna Yoga in Bali, she spent 4 years teaching yoga in Los Angeles before moving to upstate New York. Victoria’s classes are a mix of exploration, acceptance, and rigor. Connecting breath and body, her goal is to facilitate each student in finding the root of her or his own practice, getting what they need from every class. By centering pleasure, rest, and rigorous self-study, Victoria believes that yoga can be a potent tool to dismantling harmful internalized social structures that keep us from true union. Her classes are intended to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere for all people, while using the strength and power of her lineage as inspiration.

day elliot (insta @wingedribcage) is a natural clairvoyant and trained intuitive healer, who facilitates a fusion of healing energy work with psychic medium communication in one single healing session. Their passion for social justice helps them center their healing work within the queer, trans, black, indigenous, people of color (qt/bipoc) communities, and their active allies. day’s healing work is specialized around a number of themes, including: inner child recovery and deep trauma healing; spirit guide communication and ancestral healing; relationships, reconciliation and soul contracts; life and career guidance; and, healing the emotional and astral bodies, including the aura and seven main chakras. They have called the East Bay home for over 18 years now.


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Photos (L to R): day elliot, Europa Grace, Victoria Rutledge, courtesy of the artists

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